Why do Women Drink Cranberry Juice?

why do girls drink cranberry juice?

Women and Cranberry Juice

Because there’s an idea that’s been circulating for a long time that cranberry juice helps treat, or prevent urinary tract infections.


Women, due to their anatomy tend to get more urinary tract infections than men do, and so the old wives tale about drinking cranberry juice to treat them is one that I think women are hopeful is true.

Instead of having to go to the doctor and waste your afternoon,  and possibly take a medication that you don’t want to put into your body, you can simply go down to the local corner store and buy a big bottle of sweet tasting, refreshing, cranberry juice.

That’s much more appealing an option then having a doctor’s examination and going through the ordeal of what’s written above.

There is also the appeal of using all-natural substances that are found in nature like certain herbs, berries and plants, over chemically processed, lab created inventions (juice over antibiotics).

But as much as I am all for using what nature gives us as often as we can, I don’t believe that cranberries will be all that helpful to treat a urinary tract infection or help with your kidneys, or any other part of that system (bladder etc.) in any way. It ‘may’ be helpful to some degree, and it ‘may’ help prevent one but if you believe you have a UTI then it’s best that you get it checked out by a Dr.

If you’ve been diagnosed with UTI then it’s best to follow your doctor’s advice first, and then by all means enjoy a daily glass of fresh cranberry juice if you’d like in addition to the doctor’s  prescribed advice.

*** Just make sure that you drink the diet version or a form of sugar-free cranberry juice (see how to drink pure cranberry juice here), as sugar tends to make infections worse.

The health and nutritional benefits of this juicy, red and ripe berry for men and women.

Cranberry Benefits

So, that’s why girls tend to drink cranberry juice more often.

Whether it works or not shouldn’t stop you from including cranberries, or sugar-free cranberry juice, into your diet to help build yourself a better daily, nutritional profile.

Drink and enjoy.

– Cranby

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