Are Cranberries Fruit?

Holding a handful of Healthy Cranberries

Cranberries are Fruit

Are Cranberries classified as a fruit?


From Wikipedia, “… The fruit is a berry that is larger than the leaves of the plant; it is initially light green, turning red when ripe. It is edible, but with an acidic taste that usually overwhelms its sweetness.

and …

” … Cranberries are harvested in the fall when the fruit takes on its distinctive deep red color, …”

So yes, what we believed, that cranberries are a fruit, is true.

Categorizing food is tricky business though. I’ve talked about how cranberries are not really berries and used the tomato example in that post – how it’s not really a vegetable.

When it comes to categorization of plant foods, the category it is put into is usually determined by whether or not it is grown a certain way or if there are seeds in it or if Gemini was in Capricorn when the scientists were making the decision.

Anyway, it’s a good question and so yes, it’s a fruit.

Hope this helps.

– Cranby

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