Areas in Massachusetts where Cranberries are Grown

A nice landscape of cranberries in a Massachussets Bog

Cranberry Bog

Massachusetts is 2nd to Wisconsin in producing cranberries and there are 6 bogs to visit and enjoy.

The Bogs

1- A.D. Makepeace Company, Wareham

The A.D. Makepeace Company is the world’s largest cranberry grower. They offer tours to the public throughout the fall season and there’s always something going on on the farm. In addition to tours, they offer cranberry cooking contests, a cranberry harvest 5K, and plenty of other events.

2. Flax Pond Farms, Carver

Flax Pond Farms is a picturesque farm that pays special attention to preserving the history of cranberry harvesting. They have a small shop where you can check out an antique Bailey Cranberry Separator from 1924 and watch as berries are separated via a fun “bounce” test. Tours of the bogs are available, and this farm also specializes in dry harvested berries. You can also try some of the farm’s special hot mulled cranberry tea in the farm shop.

3. Annie’s Crannies, Dennis

Dennis is the first town in America to have mastered the art of cultivating the wild cranberry fruit, and Annie’s Crannies continues that tradition with bog tours and farm-fresh fruit available for purchase. Call before visiting to make sure tours are being offered. Don’t leave without picking up some sweet Bogside Honey. (36 Scarsdale Road, Dennis)

4. Mayflower Cranberries, Plympton

This small cranberry farm has three different bogs to explore. They also offer a two hour “Be the Grower” Experience when visitors can hop into waders and actually assist with the cranberry harvest. Mayflower Cranberries also offers a charming farm store and plenty of the tart berries for purchase. You’ll definitely want to call ahead to this farm to make sure tour times are available, as they do sell out fast.

5. Stone Bridge Farm, Acushnet

Stone Bridge Farm is a family-owned operation that has been growing cranberries for more than 25 years. This farm features a small market, a vegetable garden, a small flock of chickens, a few beehives, and three acres of cranberry bogs. They offer bog tours during the fall and harvest season, though you must contact the farm directly to arrange a visit.

6. Rocky Maple Bogs, Wareham

Rocky Maple Bogs doesn’t offer tours, but it’s a good spot to stage a bog drive-by for a peek at the harvest without paying for a guided experience. As long as you respect the bogs and stay off of the farm’s private property, much of the cranberry harvest action can be seen right from the road.

Have a great time.

– Cranby

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