Cranberries & Pineapples are both good For …

Cranberries & Pineapples

Two delicious fruits, both high in nutrients.

Benefits they both share

Both are said to be good for UTI’s. Cranberries mostly but pineapples are said to be as well. That benefit is still under review officially although many people still reach for pure cranberry juice or pineapple pieces to help alleviate the issue.

Pineapples & Cranberries

Increased Cardiovascular Health. The anti-inflammatory power contained in both may help fight inflammation and may suppress the build-up process of plaque in the arteries.

Reduced Risk of Cancers. Again, there is no definitive link between eating any one food and cancer reduction but health experts continually say that we should be eating lots of colorful fruits and vegetables, including pineapple and cranberry, as a good way to help prevent cancer and other health conditions. In other words a healthy diet is a good way to reduce your chances of getting it.

High in Vitamin C. Pineapple contains 33% of your RDA while cranberries contain 25% per serving. Same for the mineral Manganese. Pineapple has 100% and cranberries contain 20%.

One interesting historical fact is that the Native Americans in the US used to help the settlers by having them eat the vitamin C-rich wild cranberries to help with their scurvy. Pineapples in the southern regions of the continent would have the same benefit.

Whether you have an ailment or not, eating healthy and delicious fruits like pineapple and cranberries will give you many of their common benefits above plus much more of their individual ones.

Hope this helps.

– Cranby

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