Cranberry Bog in Canada

lake of floating cranberries on the water

Canadian Cranberry Bog

Spectacular image of a vast Cranberry Bog.

Full of Floating Berries

Guest Post: I live in BC, in the Lower Mainland of Canada and love when they are harvesting cranberries – there are several very large fields near where I live and always go down to take pictures.

Its an incredible sight. I wish the farms sold them fresh, as they are absolutely delicious.

There are a few other local farm markets that do sell fresh cranberries and I always make the effort to go down and buy them though I’m not sure which field provides them with the berries.

I’ve been told that most of the cranberry fields produce their berries for Ocean Spray.

I can usually get them fresh at local markets when they’re in season, I buy them to make desserts and cranberry sauce, but they’re only on the shelves a really short time.

Hope you like the picture.

– J

Dried Cranberry Powder

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