What is Cranberry Juice ‘from Concentrate’?

The typical jice blend you will see at the store made from cranberry concentrate.

Cranberry Juice from Concentrate

First, cranberries are picked and processed. The ones you get at the store are dry harvested, meaning picked off the plants. The ones used for everything else (juices, sauces etc.) are wet harvested, meaning they are flooded and floating on water and then scooped up.

Some of the wet harvested berries are used for cranberry juice. They take the full, natural berry and dehydrate it (remove the water) so that it’s a concentrate, or a powder. In a powdered form it’s much easier to store and transport.

Then, when they are ready to make it a juice again they simply add water. So the juice is from concentrate and not freshly squeezed.

What’s the difference?

So we have:

– Freshly Squeezed – Fresh and pure juice

– From Concentrate – See paragraph above

– Not from concentrate – Freshly squeezed that’s been pasteurized (heated up to kill bacteria)


All 3 types above are exactly the same nutritionally. Meaning they have the same amount of calories and nutrients.

The only time they wouldn’t be as healthy is if anything is added (like sugar). But sometimes adding something to the hydrated juices makes them even healthier, like when they add Vitamin C for example which they often do with apple juice concentrate.

Hope this helps.

– Cranby

Dried Cranberry Powder

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