When are Cape Cod Cranberries Ripe?

When are Cape Cod Cranberries Ripe?

Cape Cod Cranberry Farm

In Autumn.

Getting Ripe and Ready Cape Cod Cranberries

Freshly picked cranberries from Cape Cod and most of the other towns and states that grow them are almost always available throughout September, October and November.

This is cranberry harvesting season and the best time to buy them (sometimes you can get them in early December).

After that you can always get them frozen since the farms and cranberry growers freeze a lot of their harvest so people can enjoy the red berry throughout the year. But fresh is usually better (fresh then frozen at home as opposed to processed then frozen) so stock up in the fall and freeze them for later on in winter. They last awhile.

If you’re so inclined, there are various farms and bogs in Cape Cod that offer tours. Going to one makes for a great Facebook post, “Look how much fun I’m having!”

In other words, it’s a way to communicate to others how much better you are than they are (cause you’re out in the world, having so much fun with your life and they presumably are wasting theirs), and that superiority feeling in turn will increase your dopamine levels, which makes you feel even better about yourself. All that from a tour of a farm with floating red berries. Isn’t that what Facebook is for?

But seriously, go to the Cape Cod page within this blog and you’ll find a small list of farms that offer tours.

Cranberries are awesome.

Trivia: How long do cranberries last in the freezer?

– Cranby

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