How long are Cranberries good in the Freezer?

How long are cranberries good in the Freezer?

Cranberries In the Freezer

About 1 year.

Some Freezer and Fridge Storage Tips

Fresh cranberries are good for up to two months in a tightly sealed plastic bag in the fridge. The same rule of storage, whether in the freezer or fridge, realistically applies to all berries, if one begins to get soft and squishy, the rest will be subject to the same fate soon enough.

If they are wet when removed from the freezer that’s fine. If you notice discoloration or if the cranberries feel sticky or tough, then they are not good anymore and should be tossed away.

Cooked cranberries can last up to 30 days in a covered container in the fridge.

Frozen cranberries will keep up to one year in the freezer.

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