How to Store Dried Cranberries

Store Dried Cranberries

How to Store Dried Cranberries

Pretty much like raisins really. Especially if you bought them from the store.

Storing Craisins or Dehydrated Cranberries

Craisins are just the name given to dried cranberries you buy at the store, and can be stored in their original packaging or in an air tight container. Like raisins, if they are left out they’ll dry and won’t be all that palatable anymore.

If they do dry up, try putting them back into their plastic bag or container for a day and see if they re-hydrate somewhat. It doesn’t always work, but if it hasn’t been too long you can sometimes bring them back.

Freshly Dehydrated Ones

Most important is to make sure the cranberries are fully dry. They may need up to 8 hours to fully cool so give them as much time as they need.

Once they are ready to be stored, place them in a glass or mason jar. Cover and shake a few times throughout the day to make sure you don’t see any moisture. This is called conditioning and is a vital step to make sure the berries are fully dry. If not you’ll find that all of your hard work will become moldy after a couple of days. If they are moist then they need to be dried a little longer.

At this point you store them once again in air tight containers. or plastic, sealed bags like commercial, dried cranberries above.

Hope this helps.

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