Vitamins in Cranberries

Fresh Cranberries on a bush from below with the blue sky above, rich in nutrition.

Vitamin Content of Cranberries

Here is a quick list of all the vitamins in Cranberries:

Cranberry Vitamin Content

1 Cup of Fresh Cranberries Contain (% of daily recommended value):

Vitamin C – 26%
Vitamin K – 7%
Vitamin E – 7%

Vitamin B6 – 3%
Pantothenic Acid – 3%

Vitamin A – 1%
Thiamin – 1%
Riboflavin – 1%
Niacin – 1%


You can see that Cranberries are really high in 3 vitamins; C, K & E. This makes sense since cranberries were used a long time ago to treat scurvy and to help with wound healing.

Most fruit and vegetables are mainly high in Vitamins C and K, with bits of others sprinkled in there. It’s why it’s important to eat a variety of them rather than one super food that will cure all your ailments and then some. Blueberries and acai berries come to mind. Both good for you but if you eat basket fulls and then wash them down with concentrated, powdered extract you won’t turn into a pixie.

A picture of a cranberry farm as they are harvested.

Cranberry Season

Even the mighty spinach with all of it’s legend and lore behind it is only high in 4 vitamins; A, C, K and Folate.

Cranberries are nutritious though – like I said most fruit/vegetables have a nutritional profile that are similar.

On top of having a good amount of important vitamins, they also contain minerals, and are especially high in Manganese. Add to that the polyphenols, flavonoids and antioxidants abundant in cranberries and you have a very compact, nutritional gem if you will.

They are good for you and can be a part of most diets.

This blog has lots of different ways to enjoy them, whether in a tasty baked recipe or as a refreshing, healthy drink.

– Cranby

Dried Cranberry Powder

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