How do you like them Cranberries?

Some of the biggest Cranberries Ever

Extremely Large Cranberries

Thanks to a reader who sent this in, we have a picture of extremely large cranberries.

I wouldn’t call these the biggest, but they are waaaay above average and pretty neat to see.

It takes about 29,000 cranberries to fill a barrel. But with these, I’d revise the official number to around 10,000 or less.

If all cranberries grew this big we’d have to change the entire infrastructure on how we use the berries (sorry, false berries). How many cups in a bag, how many berries per cup for recipes, how to package them etc.

I would love to taste them so if anyone knows where to get them, please send me an email.

Cranberries are full of nutrition. On top of having a good amount of important vitamins, they also contain minerals, and are especially high in Manganese. Add to that the polyphenols, flavonoids and antioxidants abundant in cranberries and you have a very compact, nutritional gem if you will.

What can I say? They are an awesome fruit.

Trivia: “How many cranberries in a gallon of juice?”

– Cranby

Dried Cranberry Powder

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