Where Cranberries are Harvested

Where do we harvest cranberries?

Cranberry Farm

In bogs and in 5 main US States.

Harvest Locations

There are 5 main US states that grow the majority all the cranberries in America.

1- Wisconsin – over 1/2

2- Massachusetts – about 1/3

3- New Jersey

4- Oregon

5- Washington

The last 3 states altogether grow maybe 17% of the total.

Wild Bogs

What was listed above only talks about the commercial farming of cranberries and where that takes place. That’s the geographical answer to where grammars grow.

But in terms of terrain, cranberries grow in natural, wild bogs in many of the areas above but also in a few other popular places that people can visit.

One of the more popular ones is in Ducktown in Polk County Tennessee. It’s approximately 120 acres in size and is owned by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.

These marshy bogs are believed to have come out of the last Ice Age. When the massive glaciers started to melt and leave behind somewhat terrain, the cranberry plant was born in these ideal conditions.

This would make cranberries a native plant to North America. There are only two other types of fruit plant that are native to this continent and they are the blueberry and the Concorde grape.

Thought that would be a fun fact to know.

– Cranby

Dried Cranberry Powder

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