Are Cranberries Poisonous to Cats?

A feline drinking milk out of a cup with a bowl of cranberries that are safe to eat..

Cranberries and Cats

No they aren’t. Cranberries are non-toxic to cats. Meaning generally they are safe for them to eat.

Safe for Cats

*** Disclaimer: Always check with your veterinarian before feeding anything new to your cat.

I wrote up a post about cranberries and dogs and the advice here concerning cats and cranberries is pretty much the same.

The first point was about moderation. If they were to eat a whole bag of cranberries then they’d likely have an upset stomach but if they nibbled on a few that may have fallen on the floor, or on one or two that you put in their dish for them, they shouldn’t have any issues.

*** Find me a cat – or even a human – that can eat a whole bag of raw cranberries and I’ll show you the next, big video that’s going to viral on Facebook.

If you’re thinking about feeding your cat cranberry sauce then you have to remember to feed him or her small amounts. Cranberry sauce is basically a form of concentrated cranberries so even a spoonful could be equivalent to a whole handful of cranberries.

If the reason you want to feed your cat cranberries is to either prevent or treat urinary tract infections, then the general, expert advice is to not do that. Cranberries have a reputation of being a food that treats UTIs, but it seems the more it’s looked into, the more the claim appears to be just an old wives’ tale.


The advice given by most veterinarians on cats and eating cranberries is pretty much the same everywhere.

That generally they are okay as long as you give it to them in moderation. Always start with a small amount as a test and see how well your cat tolerates that.

Once again though, it’s best to check with your vet before giving your cat anything new to ingest. What your cat decides to ingest on their own when you’re not around is likely going to be worse so just keep that in mind if you’re anxious about feeding them cranberries, or any other food that vets generally say is safe.

Hope this helps.

– Cranby

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