How many Cranberries in a Barrel?

How many of these juicy red berries are contained in this wooden barrel?

Barrel of Cranberries

Let’s calculate it.

A Barrel Full of Cranberries

According to a cranberry publication out of Wisconsin, a barrel of cranberries weighs 100lbs. I wonder how many pounds I’ve eaten so far in my life? How many barrels, if even one?

Now, each bag of fresh cranberries contains 3 cups, and is 3/4 of a pound.

So 4 cups to a pound at 440g approx (1 cup = 110g). Therefore a barrel has 400 cups of cranberries. Imagine seeing that on a recipe.

Now, according to a few sources I’ve looked up each cranberry weighs approximately 1.5 grams. That means a cup has approximately 73 individual cranberries in it [110g in a cup ÷ 1.5 grams per berry = 73].

Now take 73 berries in a cup × 400 cups = 29,200

1 wooden barrel = 29,200 Cranberries

How could this be useful? Well, the next time you’re at a cranberry farm and the owners hold a contest asking the public to guess the amount of cranberries in the wooden barrel they have on display,  with the winner getting a prize, you’ll be glad you stopped by to read this tiny bit of trivia.

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– Cranby

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