Cranberries are Low in Potassium

Chopped Cranberries in a Bowl - Fresh

Potassium in Cranberries

They have some, but it’s not the most abundant mineral in that berry.

Potassium Content

1 serving (a 110g cup) of fresh, chopped cranberries contains approximately 93mg of potassium which only equates to 3% of your DV (DV stands for daily value, or how much is recommended for an adult/day).

If cranberries were your only source of food, you would need to eat 33 cups of raw cranberries to get as much potassium as you’d need in a day. Seeing as they are a very sour berry, that wouldn’t be an easy thing to accomplish.

Luckily we get all of our vitamins and minerals from a variety of foods which all contribute to getting our DV met.

So if you like cranberries then I would encourage you to eat them as part of a healthy diet as they are good for you and contain lots of healthy nutrients.

For example, the most abundant mineral is manganese at 20% of your DV. Manganese is important because it is a component of many enzymes. These enzymes are engaged in many activities including urea formation, glucose formation, and anti oxidation.

The most abundant vitamin found in cranberries is Vitamin C at 25% of your DV. Everyone knows by now that vitamin C is said to be good for your immune system, and also has with many other health benefits.

High Potassium

If you are looking for potassium rich foods the best ones are:

– Avocados: 1 whole fruit provides 15% of potassium DV
– Spinach: 1 cup provides 12 %
– Watermelon: 2 wedges provide 14%
– Coconut water: 1 cup provides 13%
– Bananas: 1 medium banana provides 9%
– Dried apricots: 1/2 cup provides 16%

And there are so many more.

As usual, great health and eating well are strongly correlated. A variety of fruits and vegetables are recommended to get all of the healthy nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and flavenoids available.

Hope this helps.

– Cranby

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