Cranberries are High in Fiber

A bunch of bright red, juicy and tart cranberries that are fresh and ready-to-eat.

High Fiber Cranberries

Even higher than broccoli or cauliflower.

Fiber content of Cranberries

One serving of cranberries (1 cup) contains a whole 5 g of fiber. That’s higher than most of the high-fiber foods that we usually recommend to people who are looking to increase the amount of fiber in their diet.

Broccoli and cauliflower contain about 3 g per serving (again 1 cup) which shows that cranberries have almost double the amount of fiber that these good-for-you, bulky foods have.

Berries in general though tend to be high in fiber which is another reason that they are looked upon as foods that are favorable to eat. Not only are they packed with nutrients and flavonoids, but they have lots of water and fiber as well.

For example raspberries and blackberries have approximately 8 g per cup. Kiwis are on par with cranberries at 5 g of fiber, with blueberries just under, sitting at 4 g.

But the winner, at least when it comes to fiber levels in fruit, is passion fruit which has a whopping 24 g per cup. I’ve eaten passion fruit before and it tastes really good but at that level of fiber you’d think you’re about to eat bamboo.

The suggested or recommended daily portion of fiber for adults is between 28 and 38 g depending on which source you look up. Most Americans get less than 10 g per day so it’s important that we all increase our daily fiber intake to help improve gut health.

Cranberries are an excellent source of fiber so if you’re looking to increase how much you take in then cranberries are an ideal choice.

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