How do you Eat Cranberries?

Cranberries on a plate with orange halves

How to Eat Cranberries

Raw, cooked, dried or in recipes.

How to Consume Cranberries


Eating cranberries raw instantly brings up that famously tart and bitter, sharp taste and that’s why people usually want them cooked or sweetened.

Some people don’t mind the taste and learn to even enjoy the tart and bitter, bitingly acerbic taste. They pop em in their mouth like candy and are happily enjoying the health benefits they get from eating this nutritious berry.

But if you were to eat them raw, the best way would be to mix them with other foods like smoothies. That way you can claim to be a cranberry-purist and impress your friends, while not technically cheating.

Cranberries are high in fiber as well as manganese, copper, and vitamins C, E, and K1, and lots of antioxidants so again, it’s well worth going through a taste-adjustment-period to reap these benefits.

Store Dried Cranberries

Dried Cranberries


Most people when they think about eating cranberries usually refer to the dried form. Fresh, unsweetened cranberries that you find at your local grocery store are very sour which is why most of the cranberry harvest usually goes to juices, sauces or other products like dried cranberries.

Most people LOVE these as they are a bit like raisins and have a much sweeter taste to them. The reason they are sweeter is because dried cranberries generally have lots of added sugar when they are prepared.

Too much sugar as we all know by now is not a good thing and responsible for poor health, flight delays, pop-up ads, musicals and the threat of the end of days. So if you want to avoid all of these things I’d stay away from dried cranberries if I were you 🙂

How to thicken your cranberry sauce instructions

Thick Cranberry Sauce


This is how most people enjoy them. In sauces and recipes.

They make so many other foods taste good and can be added to many different recipes to give them a little pick-me-up or tart taste.

This blog has a great selection of cranberry recipes including ideas on how to use cranberry sauce and some interesting combinations you may never have thought of before. Check it out.

Trivia: How long are cranberries good in the freezer?

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Dried Cranberry Powder

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