Cranberries are mostly Water

A glass of cold refreshing cranberry juice made mostly with water.

Cranberries are mostly Water

Fact # 1- Cranberries are 90% water.

More Cranberry Fun Facts

Fact # 2 – Cranberries are one of three fruits that are native to North America.
Fact # 3 – The 5 states that are responsible for for growing almost all of the cranberries in North America are: Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington.
Fact # 4 – Cranberries have small air pockets inside them, and that’s what makes them float during harvest.
Fact # 5 – Cranberries don’t grow in water, they are just (mainly) harvested that way.

Fact # 6 – The typical cranberry harvesting season is from September to mid-November.
Fact # 7 – Cranberries were used by native Americans as a dye.
Fact # 8 – Cranberries are high in vitamin C.
Fact # 9 – Less than 10% of cranberries are sold fresh.
Fact # 10 – One cup to cranberries is about 50 calories.

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