National Cranberry Relish Day

A bowl of cranberry relish

National Cranberry Relish Day

Held on November 22nd of each Year

An Unofficial Bizarre yet Lively Holiday

We’re all familiar with the tart and sweet taste of cranberry sauce during the Thanksgiving holiday season, but adding horseradish to cranberries is not what most people have in mind as something savory to enjoy.

Yet, National Cranberry Relish Day is all about celebrating this odd but delicious side dish for it’s own greatness.

Coming from the streets of New England, cranberry relish has been a seasonal delight since the 20th century, but it wasn’t until the 1950s that the dish really picked up in popularity. “The Splendid Table,” a nationally syndicated radio show programmed by the American Public Media, is the reason many in the country have come to know and enjoy cranberry relish.

The show’s original host, Mrs Kasper, would bring in guests from around the country to share unique ideas and delicious recipes with the audience.

One chilly morning, Kasper invited a special correspondent named Susan Stamberg to share her take on holiday dishes in a quest to make something spectacular out of nothing. In a back and forth about Thanksgiving side dishes, Stamberg shared her mother-in-law’s cranberry relish recipe.

Cranberry Relish filling a Bowl looking nice and Moist

Cranberry Relish

How can we Celebrate It?

By making some of course. Here’s how:


– 2 cups of washed cranberries
– 1 onion
– 1/2 cup sugar
– 3/4 cup sour cream
– 2 TB horseradish


– Grind together cranberries and onion.
– Mix in all other ingredients and stir well.
– Seal in a plastic container and freeze overnight.
– Transfer to the refrigerator in the morning to serve later on that day.

There are other versions but this is the most common.

You can also make the day even more special by:

Going cranberry picking in the morning and using those for the recipe.

Having people over to help make it.

Finally, if you are busy that day and can’t find the time to celebrate it, there’s always the next day, the 23rd of November, which is National Eat a Cranberry Day.

Happy National Cranberry Relish Day

– Cranby

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