National Eat a Cranberry Day

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National Eat a Cranberry Day

Celebrated on 23rd November every year.

A US Unofficial (but still fun) Day

The National Eat A Cranberry Day is dedicated to encouraging everyone to eat a few of those delicious red cranberries. They’re really good for you and the National Eat A Cranberry Day is all about keeping the traditions of including Cranberries into your meal plans this holiday season and throughout the year. It follows the National Cranberry Relish Day which takes place the day before, on November 22nd.

The history of this tart red berry with its delicious flavor and the odd name has been around since before America was America. Once settlement of the Americas began the cranberry became a very popular crop, seeing exports to Europe and wholly embrace as a traditional food for the Thanksgiving Holiday by the colonists.

There is no public record of the origin of this unofficial holiday and no congressional or presidential declarations to make it a national day. The earliest mention of Eat A Cranberry Day on the internet was in 2015.

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How to Celebrate this Day

Eating one (or many). Observe the National Eat A Cranberry Day by eating some of the delicious Cranberries! Eat them however you like them, but eat them on the day. It’s the most simple (and obvious) way to celebrate it. Whether it’s raw, in a juice or smoothie, in your favorite baked good, or in any other form, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Baking with them. There are so many recipe ideas that involve cranberries, and ideas for recipes that use cranberries out there, that the world is your oyster when it comes to cooking and baking with cranberries. Grab some of these juicy berries and let your imagination run wild. Most people don’t think of cooking or baking with them so bring something new and intriguing to your next party or to simply to those in your household. Either way you’ll be popular for at least a day.

Make a dye. Cranberries are rich in pigmentation and make for strong and durable clothing dyes. With a handful of cranberries, water, old clothes, and some elastic bands, you have yourself a DIY project.

Smoothie made with Cranberry Juice

Cranberry Juice Smoothie

Or you can take the easy road and simply drink it, no one will fault you for preferring the tart flavor of cranberry in beverage form over its natural solid form. Cranberry juice happens to mix well with some of the more traditionally sweet fruits, providing countless health benefits and a tartness that is the perfect compliment to the sweetness of fruits like pear, grape, and apple.

No matter how you decide to celebrate it, if you’re reading this on November 23rd then Happy Cranberry Day!

– Cranby

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