Cranberry Harvesting in Wisconsin

Picked cranberries in a large bunch that are bright red and just harvested in Wisconsin.

The Cranberry Harvest in Wisconsin

Cranberries in Wisconsin are harvested, or picked and made available from October through December.

About Wisconsin Cranberries

Cranberries are currently grown in 25% of Wisconsin’s counties. The counties with the largest cranberry farms are Wood, Monroe, and Jackson counties.

The Fall is the best (and only) time to get fresh, local grown cranberries. After that you can find cranberry sauces, juice, dried berries, and many more cranberry products at the supermarket.

The fresh ones you find in bags at the store are picked dry, right off the plant.

The cranberries that are to be frozen, dried or made into juice or other products, are wet harvested, meaning the cranberry plants are flooded first like you see in commercials, with those farmers standing knee deep in a sea of cranberries. Once the plants are flooded it’s easier to gather them up and ship them.

Are cranberries grown in bogs?

Cranberries in Bogs

If you’d like to stop by a cranberry farm in Wisconsin for a tour then check out some of these fun places:

Rooted in Red

Cranberry Discovery Center

Lake Nokomis Cranberries

Splash of Red

Wisconsin Cranberry Highway

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Dried Cranberry Powder

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