The Cranberry Harvest in Wisconsin

Cranberries floating in water near door County in Wisconsin ready for harvest.

Cranberry Bog in Wisconsin

Cranberries are harvested in Wisconsin from the end of the September through early November.

Wisconsin Cranberries

The cranberry is Wisconsin’s official state fruit. The state produces more cranberries than any other state in the entire country. There are only five states that produce cranberries in any significant quantity, and Wisconsin grows upwards of 60% of them.

It was first harvested in Wisconsin in the 1800s by Edward Sacket in Berlin, Wisconsin. Today over 200 farms which are located in central and northern Wisconsin are in full gear, getting these red, tart berries ready for our Thanksgiving turkey and delicious dessert recipes.

The reason that cranberries grow well in Wisconsin is because the land is very conducive to growing them in that region. The sand and peat bogs and marshes are the exact type of moist soil that cranberries need to thrive.

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