How many Cranberry Plants in 1 Acre?

How many Cranberry Plants in 1 acre of farmland crops?

Cranberry Plants in Chile

Answer: Approximately 45,000 cranberry vines fit into one acre (3/4 of a football field) of Farmland.

Cranberry Plants

The vines are planted with roots as they take much better that way. Planting the seeds will yield cranberry plants but tend not to do as well.

There are lots of varieties too. Over 100 types of cranberries are grown in the United States alone.

The vines are used over and over again each year as they are perennial. Some farms have vines that still yield fruit that were planted over 90 years ago. “My great grandmother planted these holding 6 kids on her back etc...”

Vines can be planted in the Fall between Oct-Nov, or in the spring time between Apr-May. Once in the ground they take approximately 4-5 years to produce fruit so if you are growing them at home then know you signed up for a long term investment 🙂

Many farms offer tours of their cranberry fields so if you live in one of the 5 states that are known to produce the fruit why not take a look?

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