Difference between Cranberry Sauce & Relish

Comparing 2 similar dishes that look the same, and made with cranberries but are different

Difference between Cranberry Sauce & Relish

They look the same.

Sauce vs the Relish

Both dishes start with fresh (usually) cranberries and some sugar, but here’s where they differ after starting with those 2 main ingredients:

Cranberry Sauce: has water or orange juice as 3rd and final ingredient. Cranberry sauce is all sweetness.

Cranberry Relish: is more sour, spicy and has ingredients like onions, horse radish, vinegar etc. More like a typical relish.

Both dishes can be varied quite a lot but the main differences generally remain:

Sauce: Sweet (how to make it thick)

Relish: Sweet + other flavors and onions (and all that).

You can find recipes for both here; saucerelish.

Hope this helps sort it all out.

– Cranby

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