Massachusetts Cranberry Bogs; how many Acres in the State?

Acres and acres of cranberries in the

Massachusetts Cranberry Bog

The Mayflower state has approximately 13,250 acres of cranberry bogs.

How much is That?

Well, an acre is 660′ by 66′ so that’s 43,000 square feet.

An acre is about the size of a football field (it’s just a tad less actually; you need 1.3 acres to cover the whole field) so imagine 13,000 football fields.

Fields divided up into acres or plots of green land.

Acres of Land

The image you see above is just a few acres, so you can imagine how much land in the 6th smallest state (geographically) is used for cranberry production.

That’s a lot of cranberries. And yet it’s only the 2nd largest producer of cranberries – see trivia question at the end of this post to find out which state takes first place in that department.

But Massachusetts does produce quite a bit of cranberries for the country and to other areas as well. It supplies the U.S. with about a third of the nation’s supply at 1.8 million barrels which is no small feat.

If ever you’re interested in visiting a bog in the state, see the Bogs in Massachusetts page to find out more.

Trivia: “Which U.S. state produces the most cranberries?”

– Cranby

Dried Cranberry Powder

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