3 Reasons to Love Cranberry Juice!

Cranberry Juice Cocktail

Cranberry Juice is Awesome!

Cause it’s awesome!

1- Vitamin C

I cup of fresh Cranberries gives you 25% of your RDI. Cranberry juice has TONS of cranberries in it, and so a serving easily gets you to 100%. Just 1 cup.

There are more vitamins than just “C” in cranberries but this one is by far the most abundant and important.

Hundreds of years ago the Indigenous people’s of USA/Canada used the berry’s high vitamin C content to heal wounds and to help European settlers with scurvy.

And even though oranges are associated with Vitamin C, cranberries should be considered just as important a Vitamin C rich food, or else they’ll feel bad 🙂

Fresh and raw cranberries that you can eat right off the plant, no need for cooking.

Raw Cranberries

They MAY help with UTIs

Everyone KNOWS you drink cranberry juice if you happen to have a UTI, even though the evidence is shaky at best that it helps.

The cranberry industry has this official announcement on the subject, “We believe cranberry juice has beneficial health effects due to it’s vitamin, antioxidant and polyphenol content and encourage everyone to drink it.

The cranberry industry then announced they will be running for president, as non-answers to questions are easier to get away with than they thought.

In all seriousness, lots of women drink cranberry juice to help with infections.

There have been some studies suggesting that cranberries MAY help with these conditions but they don’t sound very definite. My view is that they may be helpful to a degree but won’t do much if there isn’t an overhaul or inventory taken of one’s entire lifestyle – sleep, diet, exercise and stress.

Getting those aspects right will likely give much more to a woman in terms of health benefits than any single food will.

Adding cranberries and other fresh fruit to your diet is definitely a good start and will add notable, nutritional value to your body. Plus it won’t hurt, unless you drink too much of the sugary stuff. I recommend the diet versions.

A glass of cold refreshing cranberry juice made mostly with water.

Cranberries are mostly Water

It’s Tastes Amazing

Tart with a bit of sweet! That deep red color! It’s the best. I don’t know why apple juice still is king but we’re working on it.

There are lots of ways to enjoy this juice. I recommend drinking it pure with a few modifications.

I also like the diet, or sugar free juices from Ocean Spray and similar companies.

Here’s a recipe that is simple and super cheap to make involving pure cranberry juice, that’s also refreshing and thirst quenching.

As said at the beginning, cranberry juice is awesome. And in my, “I swear this is not an ad for cranberry juice but it sounds like it is,” tone, I’d recommend it to everyone as something to enjoy regularly.

Just make sure it’s sugar free.

Trivia: “How many cranberries in a gallon of cranberry juice?”

– Cranby

Dried Cranberry Powder

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