Easy Cranberry Dessert – Ice Cream & Cranapple Sauce

Ice Cream with Apple/Cranberry Sauce

Ice Cream with Apple/Cranberry Sauce

It’s like having apple pie a la mode without the pie crust – pure, gooey softness & flavor.

How to make It

Step 1 – Make cranapple sauce (apple sauce with dried cranberries thrown in).

– Peel some fresh apples and cut into pieces.
– Place apple pieces in a medium sauce pan and set the stove to “low”.
– Throw in some dried cranberries.
– Add 1/4 cup of water (more if mixture gets too dry)

Add in: 1 TBSP each of sugar and lemon juice. Then 1 tsp each of vanilla and cinnamon.

– Allow mixture to cook on low for awhile, until the mixture gets soft. Remove it from the stove and let it cool.


The only thing left to do is enjoy!

Step 2 – Scoop out some premium vanilla ice cream (cream as the first ingredient) into a fancy ice cream bowl and add as much of the apple-cran topping as you like.

It’s an easy and simple recipe to prepare that isn’t all that bad for you either. If you substituted the sugar for sweetener in the sauce and found a sugar free ice cream you’re golden. But on it’s own it’s not that bad – meaning it won’t raise your insulin level that high compared to other desserts.

How about Fresh Cranberries?

Personally I prefer to use fresh cranberries in a recipe like this but I can see the appeal of using dried as they are similar to raisins which always go well with apples.

If you do decide to use fresh cranberries use fewer to begin with as they are tart. Also, instead of water I’d use orange juice to give added sweetness and counter the tartness. Eventually you’ll adjust the amounts to suit your palate.

But I encourage you to use fresh cranberries as they are really good for you, as are apples and ice cream (well, maybe not the last one 🙂 )


– Cranby

Dried Cranberry Powder

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