How much Cranberry Juice should I drink per Day?

Cranberry Juice suggested advice for consuming a daily amount.

How much Cranberry Juice should you Drink per Day?

The truthful answer is that you don’t need to drink any cranberry juice daily. Nor do you need to drink any other juice … water is plenty adequate.

But those with certain conditions, like having a UTI for example, may want to know how much they need to consume in order to help them resolve their specific problem.

Cranberry Juice Recommendations for UTIs

Some expert sources suggest consuming 1-2 glasses per day in order to, “…maintain urinary tract heath and prevent urinary tract infections.”

So that’s your answer.

I will repeat, as I have done in other posts on cranberry juice and UTIs, that there isn’t very much evidence that cranberry juice does anything to help with UTIs or any other medical condition. Again the same thing can be said of any juice, food or supplement.

Hundreds of years ago the Indigenous people’s of USA/Canada used the berry to heal wounds and to help European settlers with scurvy, so it can be used as a medicine but only if there is a severe nutritional deficiency. In the case of scurvy the deficiency is Vitamin C and cranberries are rich in that vitamin.

Pure red juice without any added sugar surrounded by cranberries.

Pure Cranberry Juice

Doing it Right

One other thing I need to point out is the type of cranberry juice that is being consumed. Most of them have added sugar which is not healthy. By drinking these cocktails you ‘may’ be marginally helping to heal your infection while at the same time making it 10x worse since sugar is said to be bad for infections.

That’s why I recommend drinking pure cranberry juice or juice that has been sweetened with sweetener instead of sugar.

That way you put yourself in a win-win position, all the healthy benefits of this nutritious berry with no downside. And yes, cranberries are good for you.

So if you have a UTI or any medical condition get it checked out and follow your doctor’s advice. Then, if you’d like to add cranberry juice to your healing plan go for any non-sugary kind and you will at ‘worst’ be getting some extra vitamins, antioxidants and polyphenols.

Have your cake and eat it too I always say.

Hope this helps.

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– Cranby

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