How Cranberries are Made

A large farming machine is harvesting cranberries to get them ready for market.

How Cranberries are Made

They are grown, picked, and then processed.

Making Cranberries into Juice, Dried Fruit and more

Here’s a bit of an explanation for how they are made along with a video if you’d prefer to see the making of cranberry Products in action.

Once cranberries are finished growing and picked, they are placed onto a contraption and cleaning area where employees use their manual farm tools to help clear out any debris, sticks and anything else that may have fallen into the harvest.

The cranberries are then loaded up and onto trucks to be sent out to a processing plant. After arrival they are put into big wooden containers, and then flash frozen for many weeks.

Once they wish to use the cranberries, they are taken out of cold storage and partitioned with some of them being set aside to make cranberry juice.

The remaining berries are again sorted and put through a large sifter that has a way of separating smaller, unusable ones allowing the bigger berries to continue on.

The big ones make it to an area where there are workers ready to weed out all the undesirable cranberries. They are helped by machine which uses a special technology to scan the color of all the berries that pass by and only allows the bright red ones to continue on.

At this stage, the surviving red berries will either go to your local grocery store as fresh cranberries, or become those dry Craisins that everybody likes.

Hope this helps.

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